Smart Home

Simplify your day-to-day with a smart,
automated space

Home automation offers new ways to make life easier. Automate and easily control the various systems in and around your home: room temperature, lighting, alarm system, sound system, water irrigation system, blinds … the sky’s the limit!

If you want to automate your home, business or office, our team can install an automation solution in any type of building. We have access to high-performance operating systems and take charge of every detail of your project, even the most highly customized. We can advise you on the best IT and technological options to meet your needs and budget. Control all the systems in your home from your smartphone, a remote control or touch screen for greater comfort.

Dreaming of a screening room in your home that rivals a commercial movie theatre? We also offer a home theatre design, sale and installation service.

Our services

Lighting and window coverings

Adjust the lighting in each room to your comfort or according to the time of day with a tap of a screen or press of a button. Have your blinds open and close automatically and turn your indoor and outdoor lights on or off at any time, no matter where you are.

Automation and control

Control the temperature in your home for greater comfort and energy savings, automate your sprinkler system to water your garden, start heating your pool for when you need it, remotely unlock your doors for vetted visitors and open your curtains. The possibilities are endless!

Entertainment system

Control every aspect of your home theatre, from the different TVs to your sound system with a tap of a screen or press of a button. Each room can have its own ambiance, with everything controlled from one place.


Your safety and that of your family is a top concern. Lock your doors, control access to the garage, arm the security system and communicate with people who come to your door from your intercom. Have a security camera? Keep an eye on your home by checking the live video feed on your smartphone or touch screen.

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