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What could be better than movie night in the comfort of your home? Gathering your favourite snacks and settling in with family and friends to watch a movie is one of life’s great pleasures. For the ultimate experience, your setup should include four elements: technology, comfort, design and ergonomics. CinéXpert has the know-how and vision to customize your viewing space with equipment that promises an “at the movies” experience right from home.

The CinéXpert team takes the smallest details into account to create a tailored space that also fits in with the rest of your home. Thanks to our 30 years of movie theatre design experience, we not only have access to the best technology on the market, but can also gather all the components for an out-of-this-world entertainment experience.

Looking to automate your systems to enhance your experience? We also offer a turnkey home automation service.

Our services


High-performance equipment is important, but so are the ergonomics and design of your screening room. We can recommend the best configuration and the right equipment to make it all come together. If you’ve been dreaming of a home theatre, call on us when building or renovating your home.

Sale and installation

Big screens, projectors, projection screens and sound systems: we have access to the industry’s best audio and video equipment and accessories, in addition to home theatre seating and other furniture. Our experts know all the features of the major brands’ products, ensuring quick, efficient, hassle-free installation.

Technical expertise

We can update your existing systems, add new products, and program and calibrate your equipment to maximize your auditory and visual experience.


Looking to repair your equipment or enhance your home theatre? We have a wide range of replacement parts as well as customized equipment. Customized equipment will optimize your audio and visual equipment for the best cinematic experience possible.

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